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7. Oktober 2019, 15:10
Research results, Scientific Publications

Icaros: Flight Simulator Home Trainer

Epidemiological studies show significant correlations between periods spent sitting and the prevalence of chronic diseases. This also applies to...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
20. Mai 2019, 15:09
Cooperation agreements, Scientific conferences

Urban Forests: Full of Energy

Major changes in society and an increased level of urbanization have led to a call for structural changes in forest management. Urban forestry has...  [mehr]

7. Mai 2018, 13:57
Research results, Scientific conferences

Learning from the experiences of survivors

"Your voice - your life - your truth" - with this message of former Irish swimmer Karen Leach the final conference of the project VOICE was titled...  [mehr]

4. April 2018, 10:35
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Advanced scientific education

Science Slam World Cup 2018

During the year of the FIFA World Cup Germany’s only sport university is organizing the Science Slam World Cup 2018 and by this is implementing...  [mehr]