Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung

10. Oktober 2018, 12:00
Research projects, Cooperation agreements

Fighting forgetfulness with nanotechnology

In the human brain, nerve cells - so-called neurons - care for the transmission of electrical signals. They form the functional component...  [mehr]

4. Oktober 2018, 14:12
Research results, Scientific Publications

Molecular multitools

The international team of researchers created surfaces which are coated with a molecule which has a Ruthenium-atom in its center. This...  [mehr]

3. September 2018, 14:30
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Research results

Yogurt with dandelions? Stirred and shaken!

Inulin is a long-chained molecule that is present in various foods, but also plants such as chicory or dandelion. Chemically, it is an almost...  [mehr]

12. Juni 2018, 15:05
Research projects, Contests / Awards

Mainz scientist gets award for her research

Johanna Simon is awarded for her work in the field of nanoparticle-protein interaction. In her doctoral thesis, she examines how nanoparticles -...  [mehr]