Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik

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16. Juli 2020, 8:08
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The world’s lightest mirror

Garching, 16th of July 2020 – Physicists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) have engineered the lightest optical mirror...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
7. März 2019, 13:07
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Combs of Light for Molecules

Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of matter. Spectroscopy can detect and identify a wide range of different compounds by their...  [mehr]

12. Februar 2019, 15:20
Research results

Transformation through Light

When carbon molecules C₆₀ are exposed to an intense infrared light, they change their ball-like structure to a more elongated version. This...  [mehr]

23. Januar 2019, 15:58
Research results

A New Home for Optical Solitons

Solitons are the most stable of all waves. Under conditions that result in the dispersion of all other waveforms, a soliton will continue undisturbed...  [mehr]
5. Dezember 2018, 15:25
Research results, Scientific Publications

Brief Reflections from a Plasma Mirror

When a dense sheet of electrons is accelerated to almost the speed of light, it acts as a reflective surface. Such a ‘plasma mirror’ can be...  [mehr]