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Economics & Politics
19. Februar 2021, 16:24
Research projects, Studies and teaching

Faster and more accurate diagnosis

Interpreting statistical statements correctly is quite complex, as many examples show. In October 2020, U.S. President Trump announced that 85% of...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
4. Februar 2021, 10:09
Research results

Imaging a molecular switch

Scanning probe microscopes – like the scanning tunneling microscope, and the atomic force microscope – give us valuable information about...  [mehr]

16. Dezember 2020, 10:32
Research projects, Cooperation agreements

New assay concept for vaccine development

The corona pandemic confronts the world community with challenges never seen before. Despite massive restrictions in public and private life, the...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
22. Oktober 2020, 9:50
Research results, Scientific Publications

The puzzle of tree species diversity

Questions about the origin of nature have fascinated humans since the dawn of culture. One phenomenon of particular interest is the high diversity...  [mehr]