Universität des Saarlandes

Earth & Life
17. Oktober 2019, 8:00
Transfer of Science or Research

Building renovation needs to be speeded up

Approximately half of the energy consumed in Switzerland can be attributed to the construction and running of the country’s building stock....  [mehr]

Society & Culture
16. Oktober 2019, 12:36
Research results, Research projects

Congregations as Religious “Market Players”

Megachurches in the USA are growing. Why? In his study, University of Bamberg sociologist Prof. Thomas Kern identifies three reasons for their...  [mehr]

Economics & Politics
16. Oktober 2019, 12:13
Scientific Publications

High demand for Working Paper series

The Working Paper-series enables scientists to research Start-ups and Entrepreneurship as well as family businesses and SMEs, and to publish their...  [mehr]