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Earth & Life
17. Februar 2020, 16:19
Research projects

Counting Iguanas for Tomorrow

- Two projects will soon spend several weeks on location in the Galapagos Islands to study the archipelago’s marine iguanas. Over millions of...  [mehr]

12. Februar 2020, 10:20
Transfer of Science or Research, Research results

The Cerebellum Stores Data Like an MP3 Music File

Information from sensory organs, such as the eyes or the ears, is passed from nerve cell to nerve cell in the form of electrical impulses. These...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
9. Januar 2020, 16:25
Research results, Research projects

“Clouds Play a Major Role”

Professor Wendisch, you are co-author of the comprehensive article recently published in Nature Climate Change on the subject of Arctic...  [mehr]