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Earth & Life
23. September 2020, 17:00
Research results

Unraveling the genome in 3D-space

The cells that make up our body are tiny, each of them measuring only micrometers in diameter. The ensemble of chromosomal DNA molecules that...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
2. September 2020, 17:00
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Scientific Publications

Cell division: cleaning the nucleus without detergents

Organization of cells into specific compartments is critical for their function. For instance, by separating the nucleus from the cytoplasm, the...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
29. November 2019, 12:43
Research results, Scientific Publications

Harnessing the power of CRISPR in space and time

CRISPR/Cas9 technology is based on a modified version of a bacterial defense system against bacteriophages. One of the landmark discoveries for...  [mehr]