Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung IAP

Technics & Industry
29. Oktober 2021, 11:02
Research results, Scientific Publications

4D printing: heat shrinks printed objects

3D printing is in vogue and, as an additive manufacturing technology, it offers numerous advantages. For example, products and prototypes can be...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
19. März 2021, 21:35
Transfer of Science or Research, Cooperation agreements

Surface analysis at the highest level

A label does not adhere well, the glued joints on furniture fail, varnish comes off the substrate or a product has unwanted stains – when this...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
15. Oktober 2020, 16:35
Research projects

Programmable insulation materials

The air conditioning of enclosed work, recreational and living spaces is of great social importance in industrialized countries. On average,...  [mehr]