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17. Dezember 2020, 14:43
Transfer of Science or Research, Research results

Can Open-Source Hardware Save Lives?

April 2020: The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is straining healthcare systems to the limit of their capacity, and in some cases beyond. The shortage of...  [mehr]

1. Dezember 2020, 15:46
Research projects, Cooperation agreements

All Scalpels to the OR, Please!

Everyday life in university hospitals: Surgical instruments are cleaned, disinfected, packed and sterilized in processing units for medical...  [mehr]

4. Juni 2020, 9:58
Transfer of Science or Research, Research projects

Open Source Hardware against Corona

The pandemic has made it clear that there is a shortage of essential ventilators in Germany, Europe and the world at large. Companies, research...  [mehr]