Universität Konstanz

8. Juli 2019, 13:35
Research results, Scientific Publications

A “wordy” internet research method

The Google Books Ngram Viewer is an online search engine that provides data on the frequency of words in a corpus of more than eight million...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
18. Juni 2019, 15:23
Research results, Scientific Publications

Uncovering hidden protein structures

Using infrared (IR) spectrosocopy, researchers at the University of Konstanz were able to uncover the interaction between the p53 protein, a...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
14. Mai 2019, 15:33
Research results, Scientific Publications

A step towards probabilistic computing

When it comes to performing a calculation destined to arrive at an exact result, humans are hopelessly inferior to the computer. In other areas,...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
8. April 2019, 15:13
Research projects, Personnel announcements

Degradable plastics

Plastics that can be degraded should they find their way into the environment: To achieve this goal, Stefan Mecking, professor of chemistry at the...  [mehr]