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8. Juli 2021, 17:00
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MaxDIA – taking proteomics to the next level

Proteins are essential for our cells to function, yet many questions about their synthesis, abundance, functions, and defects still remain...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
16. März 2021, 15:50
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Salt consumption controls autoimmune disease

Sodium chloride, table salt, is an essential mineral that we must consume for a healthy life. However, excessive salt consumption is one of the...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
17. Juni 2020, 17:00
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The relationship of proteins

What do the house mouse Mus Musculus, the organism Haloferax Mediterranei that lives in thermal springs and the intestinal bacterium Escherischia...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
12. Februar 2020, 19:20
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In the right place at the right time

Numerous cellular processes such as immune responses or cell multiplication depend on many different proteins working in sequence. In order for...  [mehr]