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10. Juli 2020, 8:36
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Can cattle keep their barns clean?

Pets are usually house-trained and even pigs (if possible) look for a secluded corner for defecating. The situation is completely different with...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
17. September 2019, 9:38
Research projects

Redefining the future of cattle breeding

Twenty leading laboratories from all over the world are participating in the project, their researchers who are from various disciplines, will...  [mehr]

20. November 2018, 7:27
Research projects

The sweet side of reproductive biology

The body itself produces a whole battery of complex carbohydrates, which are composed of a wide variety of monosaccharides. Perhaps the most...  [mehr]

26. Juli 2018, 14:36
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SmartCow Transnational Access (TNA) Calls will provide the academic and industry communities with free access to a wide range of first-class dairy...  [mehr]