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Earth & Life
17. Juni 2021, 10:25
Research results, Scientific Publications

Perovskites: More than solar cells

Perovskites, named after Russian mineralogist Lev Perovski, are a new class of semiconductors that emit and absorb light throughout the visible...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
18. Mai 2021, 11:03
Research results, Scientific Publications

New findings in genome research

Epigenetics research is a relatively young discipline in biology. Epigenetic mechanisms regulate which genetic information is used when and how....  [mehr]

Earth & Life
6. Mai 2021, 17:10
Research results

New boost in quantum technologies

Quantum computers or quantum sensors consist of materials that are completely different to their classic predecessors. These materials are faced...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
6. Mai 2021, 16:19
Transfer of Science or Research, Personnel announcements

Software technology tailored to the respective domain

A lot of software still uses the same concepts and paradigms as 40 years ago and features highly technical programming languages, low abstraction,...  [mehr]