Universität Stuttgart

Technics & Industry
22. November 2021, 11:32
Research results, Research projects

Groundbreaking research in road construction

70 percent of passenger and freight traffic today goes by road. Road surfaces made of concrete are especially well suited for the high stresses...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
18. November 2021, 14:31
Research projects

Quantum repeaters increase data security

Secure communication is crucial in our highly cross-linked society. Protection against eavesdroppers is ever increasing. Quantum communication...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
26. Oktober 2021, 11:00
Transfer of Science or Research, Research projects

Preparing flood-risk areas for climate change

180 killed, EUR 30 billion in damage: the floods on the River Ahr and other rivers in North-Rhine Westphalia in July 2021 are among the biggest...  [mehr]