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Earth & Life
18. Januar 2021, 13:15
Organisational matters, Personnel announcements

Exploring the evolution of stars

Stars are the basic building blocks of the visible Universe. Astrophysicists are particularly interested in massive stars. They are cosmic...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
18. November 2020, 9:50
Contests / Awards

Again: “Highly Cited Researcher“ at HITS

Computer scientist Alexandros Stamatakis from the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) again belongs to the most cited researchers...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
7. September 2020, 8:29
Personnel announcements, Contests / Awards

ERC Starting Grant for HITS astrophysicist

Astrophysicist Fabian Schneider, “Gliese Fellow” at Heidelberg University and visiting scientist in the PSO group (leader: Friedrich Röpke),...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
1. September 2020, 13:50
Personnel announcements

Uncovering the structure of stars

What is inside the stars we see in the night sky? For a long time, we could only conjecture about the structure of a star. Nowadays, however,...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
13. Juli 2020, 15:22
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications

Solidarity in running shoes

Once a year it draws the running crowds: the annual run of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg is one of the most popular...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
8. Mai 2020, 12:02
Research results

Stretched beyond the limits

It has been known for many decades that synthetic polymers subjected to mechanical stress generate mechanoradicals by rupture of chemical bonds....  [mehr]