Schweizerischer Nationalfonds SNF

28. April 2021, 8:00
Contests / Awards

Intriguing scientific insights

The works singled out by the jury of the 2021 SNSF Scientific Image Competition show both the variety of top-flight research being conducted in...  [mehr]

11. Februar 2021, 8:00
Transfer of Science or Research, Research results

How bacteria sleep through antibiotic attacks

Resistant bacteria evade the effects of antibiotics by becoming less susceptible, for example by breaking the drugs down. But some bacteria have...  [mehr]

Society & Culture
20. Januar 2021, 17:00
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Research results

How recruiters discriminate on employment websites

Discrimination in hiring is a major societal problem. A new analysis of extensive data from an online recruitment platform has enabled researchers...  [mehr]