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30. Mai 2019, 17:00
Research results

Improved diabetes in spite of obesity

Adipose tissue in our body stores fat. At some point prolonged eating of a diet that is too high in fats leads to storage of these fats in other...  [mehr]

18. Januar 2019, 15:17
Research results

See how you feel

Neurons in our brain communicate with each other using messenger molecules like dopamine. These are released from a neuron via connecting points...  [mehr]

7. Januar 2019, 10:57
Research results

Doped by food

Dopamine is the most important messenger substance of the reward system in the brain and is released when, for example, goals are achieved or...  [mehr]

15. November 2018, 17:00
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Scientific Publications

Good preparation is half the digestion

In order to process ingested food efficiently, the body begins digestion as soon as it perceives the food. In the so-called cephalic phase, the...  [mehr]

12. Oktober 2018, 9:51
Research results

Wishful thinking is rewarded

"In complex, confusing situations, we run the risk of making a biased judgement as soon as we prefer one conclusion over another," explains Dr....  [mehr]