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5. November 2019, 15:22
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The Screw That Dissolves

When surgeons want to fix bone fragments after a fracture, the critical question is what type of implants to use: screws and plates made of...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
22. Oktober 2019, 14:33
Transfer of Science or Research, Studies and teaching

Corrosion – Slow Decay

The owner of a new Swiss industrial facility for the production of high-tech machinery was faced with a mystery: Kilometres of brand new stainless...  [mehr]

9. Oktober 2019, 7:35
Research results

Wood on our Skin

The idea of measuring parameters that are relevant for our health via the skin has already taken hold in medical diagnostics. Diabetics, for...  [mehr]

Earth & Life
1. Oktober 2019, 11:02
Miscellaneous scientific news/publications, Research results

Wind power from the Sky

Anyone who has ever steered a child's kite knows the feeling: the wind grips the kite and pulls the string. The rope is quickly tensioned, the...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
24. September 2019, 14:54
Research results, Research projects

Better work environment in road construction

- - Asphalt is a hot thing: it is normally mixed at 160°C, transported and then laid by the road builders at around 150°C. This is not only...  [mehr]

Technics & Industry
12. September 2019, 8:58
Research results, Research projects

„Flying fish“ robot can dive and fly

Robots that can transition from water to air are desirable in certain situations, but the launch requires a lot of power, which has been difficult...  [mehr]

5. September 2019, 8:52
Research results, Research projects

Best treatment for herniated disc

- - Sudden back pain is often caused by a herniated disc. The intervertebral discs are a kind of buffer between the vertebrae and are heavily...  [mehr]

27. August 2019, 10:29
Research results, Research projects

Why do bones fail?

Osteoporosis is a wide­spread disease. Every third woman and every fifth man are affected by bone loss with ad­vanc­ing age. A frequent...  [mehr]